You are a Restaurant, a Coffee Shop, a Food Delivery Company, a Retailer, Hotel or other, we can make an audit of your kitchen and help you to improve management & rentability.

If you do not understand why your margins are too much low, why your P&L is bad, but at the same time you think everything go well in your company and you do not understand what may be wrong, perhaps you need the visit of our professional chef to audit your company and understand what is wrong.

Many reasons may be the origin of your problems, but most of the time, only a professional may understand the problem. Hiring a professional may also be the only alternative as his only interest in your company is to make successful. Therefore he will be not blindfolded and will tell you all of the truth in your best interest.

Most of the time, the reasons of a business having problems with its P&L are :
- Stock Management
- Cost Management
- Choice of ingredients
- Recipes & Menu
- Staff Management
- Equipment

Whether you decide to pay for our services or not, whatever you will divulgate to use about your company will be confidential. This is a commitment from our company.


What We Do


* Pre-meeting to know more about your concerns and about what you want to reach thanks to our audit. During the pre-meeting, we will decide how many hours are needed for the audit.
* Visit of your company.
* Within 7 days, a full detailed report will be sent to you.
* All costs for our chefs are included (Travel, food ..)
* For 7 days (working days) after receiving your full report, we will be available to reply to any of your questions in relation to our audit. We want the report as clear as possible. We want you success.

Our report will include :
1) Details about the visit (What we have visited, people we have interviewed, time of our visit etc)
2) A list of what we consider are the good points of your company, and you should keep up.
3) A list of what we consider should be improved/changed (2 parts will be offered : what we advise, and what we urge you to improve) 4) We will provide a full list, with details of our advises, and about what actions you should do. All of our explanations will be detailed.

Cost :
3000 NT$ per hour


"I will treat your company like I treat mine. I will tell you all of the truth about your Food Company, in your best interests so we can find the best solutions.
No point to be kind, no point to hide the things. I will give you all information to make your company successful"
michel bru
Chef & C.E.O